Deposit Payment

Ordering a custom guitar is a considerable financial commitment. At Molyneaux Guitars we offer the option to pay over 3 interest free instalments:

£600 initial deposit

£600 after 45 days

Remaining balance to be paid before the guitar ships (approximately 90 days)

On receipt of your order and initial deposit you'll be contacted by email to discuss your ideas and finalise all details of your build.

45 days after the initial deposit you'll be invoiced for a further £600. 

The remaining balance must be settled before the guitar is shipped. Currently, the lead time from ordering to shipping is around 90 days.

If your circumstances change and for some reason you are unable to complete all payments for your build, then we reserve the right to retain your initial deposit of £600 until the guitar is sold as stock. When the stock guitar is sold we will refund your payment immediately. If the second instalment is paid and you are unable to make the final payment, the second instalment will refunded.

If you'd like to discuss the deposit scheme further  or ant aspects about ordering a guitar then don't hesitate to email