About Molyneaux Guitars

The right guitar should be exhilarating to look at, touch and play. It should inspire you to play at your best but give you the right amount of challenge to lose yourself in the moment. When you’ve found the one, it should feel like it’s just you and your guitar when it’s in your hands.

My motivation is to connect you with your perfect custom guitar that’s hard to put down. I believe in taking the best of what’s already out there and blending it together to create something that’s familiar yet customised just for you.

Every guitar I build is built to be played. I craft each one personally, taking inspiration from vintage models and blending them together to create something unique yet familiar. Reimagined classics that make you do a double-take. 

I start by exploring your design ideas with you and sharing my knowledge to bring your perfect build to life visually. From there, I begin to meticulously craft your guitar to perfection using the highest quality materials and parts from across the world. I document key stages of development in the workshop as your guitar is made

Get in touch with me here to start building your perfect guitar.